How to use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is quite a popular and convenient way to pay in stores or cafeterias, and it would seem that everyone knows about it, but, many people, especially older people do not even know about this function. With this function, you can pay for a purchase or service with your iPhone (6 or higher) without the need to get a credit card. The Apple Pay feature can also be used with other iOS devices, and in this article, we’ll tell you how to do it.

How to use Apple Pay on your iPhone

The iPhone is a more familiar and frequently used device when paying with Apple Pay, you just need to touch the terminal with your phone and the payment will be completed. To set up apple pay on your iPhone follow the instructions below:

  • Find and login to the Wallet app
  • Top of the app screen will be a + sign, tap it to add a credit card, and then tap the “next” button
  • After that, you will need the credit card number that you entered into the app
  • Put the focus of your phone on the card so that all the numbers on it are visible
  • This way your phone will receive and match your card number with the one you entered earlier, check that the information is correct and press “continue”
  • On the back of your card there is a CVV number (3 or 4 digit number), you must also enter it
  • Press “Continue” again
  • Tick or click “I agree” to your bank’s terms of service
  • If you want to add more than one card number, repeat the above steps one more time with other card numbers

When you are going to make a purchase with Apple Pay always pay attention to the signs at the entrance of the store or cafe, so you will understand whether the place accepts payment by Apple Pay or not. 

How to use Apple Pay on Apple Watch

As said before, the iPhone is not the only Apple device that supports Apple Pay, you can also set up this function on your wristwatch to do so:

  • Log in to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  • Select the “wallet and apple pay” function, then click on the “add card” function and click “continue”
  • Afterwards, enter the number of the card you would like to use, it must be already set up on your phone
  • Enter the CVV number
  • Agree to the bank rules and you’re done

To use the watch from Apple for payment, you need to do the following:

  • Double-tap the power button on the watch to activate the function
  • After that, you will see the card choices (if you have more than one) with which you want to pay
  • Select the desired card and bring the watch to the terminal, the payment will be made

How to use Apple Pay on Mac

You can use Apple Pay even with the Safari browser and apps on your Mac. But for this to be possible your Mac must have a Touch ID button or have a model no older than 2012. To use Apple Pay on the mac you need to:

  • From the top left side of the screen, find and open the system settings
  • Select the “wallet and apple pay” app
  • Add the same card or cards that are already on your phone and add their CVV number
  • Agree to the bank policy

After that, you can make purchases over the Internet in those online stores which support payment by Apple Pay. You just need to confirm your identity with your Touch ID and you’re done!